jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009


As if to confirm something was missing from the United States in the military coup in Honduras, recently announced that the plane carrying the president Manuel Zelaya abducted the night of the coup happened in the U.S. military base in Honduras. It would be naive to believe that the U.S. Armed Forces "were not involved in the flight that led to President Zelaya to Costa Rica," as spokesman for the Pentagon's Southern Command, Robert Appin. Despite statements denying knowledge of this fact by the authorities of the U.S. base in Palmerola in Honduras, the U.S. Coup in Honduras is a fact as shown by the "talks" prior to the overthrow of Zelaya, which included the U.S. ambassador, Hugo Llorens, the Church and representatives of employers. U.S. still maintains its ambassador to Honduras as a linchpin of the negotiations with the coup. Even the government acknowledged that Obama Thomas Shannon (Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America) had also been in Honduras during the days before the coup. The U.S. military base in Palmerola, installed in 1981 by the then ambassador to Honduras John Negroponte to prepare for the offensive against the Nicaraguan revolution and the Sandinista government, is used again by the U.S. to intervene directly in the political life of the region. This base was the site chosen by Negroponte, in the days before the coup, to meet with several of his key players, including Chief of the Army and Billy Joya Honduran torturer and former advisor to the current government Micheletti. Today the base is part of the U.S. Southern Command, which is controlled directly by the Pentagon. The confirmation on the participation of U.S., shamelessly using his base in Honduras, only confirms the strategic objectives behind the recent government's decision to install Obama in new military bases in Colombia. Faced with this clear interference imperialist governments in the region have responded with timid languages. The UNASUR, led by Lula, together with Cristina Kirchner have come not to condemn and impose a sentence to the U.S. presence in Colombia, but to temper the other governments, to calm the spirits and keep negotiating. While Zelaya toured the continent, gathering testimony supports, the interior of Honduras, are increasing reports of repression, persecution and disappearances. Micheletti of the coup regime, supported by the U.S. government, has saved time and has been strengthened through the negotiations promoted by the U.S. and supported by all governments in the region. Today, nearly two months of the coup, is consolidated and worsens repression against workers, peasants, women and youth to be mobilized in Honduras. Today, more is never necessary to redouble the mobilization in solidarity with workers and the Honduran people, against the coup and any negotiation with the regime Micheletti. At the same time we must denounce the deployment of new American military bases in Colombia

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